KEO Fitness

KEO Fitness - Activewear from HungaryAll women’s activewear is not created the same with differences including quality, style, fit, finish, cost, color, and everything else that goes into designing women’s clothing. Although one of many, KEO Fitness provides a personal touch to fitness with two sisters, Eszter and Krisztina Oczella as both the founding partners and face of the company.

Both Eszter and Krisztina have experience in the world of fitness and activewear which adds to their knowledge and approach of the form and function of their products. It is not an easy task to marry the two, but with the knowledge these two bring to KEO, there product will be a crowd pleaser.

What is the Core Focus of KEO Fitness Products?

On their Irish website, they post the quote

“……who said that a sweat suit can’t be sexy?”

Far from the grey baggy sweat suit that Sylvester Stallone wore in the movie “Rocky”, KEO products are an upgraded iteration of time worn workout clothing. The sweat suits of yesteryear were comfortable if you were lounging on the couch watching a football game, but for its function as workout gear, it had a lot to be desired.

The designs for KEO are cutting edge, although remain in style no matter what fast trends are consuming the market. Instead of trying to sell to the masses, the product is for a woman who is confident in who she is while keeping an understated and classy profile.

Products, Colors, Function and Designs

History and experience are a great teacher and as both sisters who grew up with ballet and understood the benefits of a properly designed outfit, this will be reflected in the product.  As a start up company the sisters are familiar with creating the products themselves as well as the difficulties of having both form and function. There is no better way to understand your own product then by creating it from scratch from start to finish.

The product range of KEO is what you would expect from any top tier company with function being as important a style. Another one of there statements on the homepage is a good representation of the market they are looking to conquer.

“The sexiest fitness outfit in the name of uniqueness and comfort”

In a society where sexy and feminine are becoming passé, KEO is focusing on a segment of women who want to look their best while living the active lifestyle. These ideas are incorporated into their signature products such as tops, pants, sweat suits and fitness sets. The colors, designs and patterns associated with these products are what makes KEO one of the most desirable brands on the market.


Most active wear providers are focusing on the lowest common denominator of materials and customers. “Cheap” has been replaced with the word “Affordable”. In reality we all understand that this means a fast fashion product whose shelf life is a few months and then disposed of for another product which is a continuous cycle.

KEO’s attitude is old school in the sense that it wants to create a quality long-lasting product that can withstand the rigors of intense workouts and daily wear. All the raw materials are imported from Italy which use polyester, polyamide and elastane. These materials guarantee not only a quality feel but improve the longevity of the product while keeping its shape and form.


If you go to the website of KEO Fitness it will be quite easy to recognize the clientele of this brand. Their target is women who want to feel and look sexy while providing the best possible product. In their own words:

“During the design, we take care of the special design and details: the narrowing seam on the thigh section, for example, lengthens the legs visually, while the Brazilian thong-like backside gives the wearer a more rounded butt. The use of the triple strap on high-waist trousers and the tulle insert starting under the butt line is very sexy….”

KEO products are not for everyone who goes to the Yoga studio or Gym. Their brand is an alternative to those brands who provide for the masses and are reluctant to provide the sexy and confident lifestyle many women desire. If you are ready for that “look”, then head to the KEO Fitness website and start the journey!