Daquini Activewear – Sportswear meant for women

Daquini Sportswear

To be even somewhat successful in the women’s Activewear industry is quite an accomplishment. In 2017 the market for women’s activewear was approximately $128 billion, with a predicted $216 billion for 2025 representing a 68% increase in those 8 years. With this in mind there are thousands of startups getting into business as well as the more established brands.

Each new brand tries to distinguish itself from the pack or looks for a new niche which can be exploited. After a while they all sound and look the same while touting how “special” and “unique” their products are for women. Its dog eat dog out there and chances are that you have milk bone underwear! But I digress.

One of those who have distinguished themselves from the rest of the pack is Daquini Activewear which we will review.

Why is Daquini so Successful in the Activewear Market?

If you live in Europe or the US, you might have never heard of Daquini. The main reason for this is that their focus in the past 4 years has been on the Asian market. A huge market in terms of population, this market has provided Daquini with the chance to perfect its product and distribution while gaining market share.

The quality, style, colors and fit have been popular in Asia and continues to grow. One of the biggest challenges for any new product is to gain exposure among the many other companies. With a successful strategy in Asia, Daquini can build upon this for other areas of the globe.

With its new focus on the European and US markets, Daquini has set upon a strategy to bring their line of activewear to those who are unfamiliar with them and looking for an alternative to some of the mainstream products.

What Distinguishes Daquini from their Competitors?

With its original focus on the Asian market, Daquini has created a product that focuses on a feminine and stylish look. Their soft and breathable fabrics from both Italy and France provide a certain comfort which is lacking in many of the other top brands. The other benefit of these high-end fabrics is that they offer the company the ability to create a line of products that look just as good in the Yoga studio as they do running around town.

But don’t let the fashionable style fool you into a feeling that the product is not up to the difficult task of performing during intense workouts. The prime focus of Daquini products is for the woman who wants a product that performs in the gym, Yoga studio, and running but is hip enough for out and about.

With many brands, whether activewear or smartphones, the goal is to be environmentally conscious and focused on the betterment of society. Daquini takes this idea very seriously which is why all materials used are Oeko-Tex® certified and are produced without any harmful chemicals. The fabric from France is biodegradable and carries the Gold Level material health certificate.

Daquini sources its fabrics from family-owned business to guarantee that the quality of the product is a source of pride and contributes to the local community. From the leggings, shorts, swim bottoms, sports bras, jackets and all the rest of their product line you can rest assured that your getting the best quality.

Is Daquini the Right Fit for you?

Only the consumer can answer this question and its subjective at best. From shoes, shirts, sweaters, skirts, dresses etc., it all comes down to how you feel in wearing the piece. If you are interested in Daquini, then your best bet would be to order one of the products, wear it as you wish and then determine if the product is right for you. We can talk about the product until the cows come home, but the final judge is you the consumer.