Daquini Activewear – Sportswear meant for women

Daquini Sportswear

Why did you start designing sportswear?

I started Bikram yoga about six years ago, which also inspired me to start the Daquïni brand. In a room that is heated to 38-40 degrees, it does not matter what sport you are in, so I wanted to buy some special clothing specifically for yoga. Nowhere to get it, the few who shipped to Hungary were not at all the style I wanted. That’s how I made my own activewear.

What’s your style?

Bikram yoga is held at about forty degrees, so sweating is intense during exercise. The good thing about my clothes is that, while being cared for and covered, it doesn’t bother me at all. In addition to being comfortable, they also give you confidence. For example, I was really upset by the yoga practice that what was on me at that time allowed me to see here and there. So the goal was to not be distracted by external factors and only concentrate on yoga and myself. It also drains moisture so I can withstand even the heaviest of the asanas, even in the biggest sweats. More importantly, they dry quickly, shape and are made of UV-filtered material, so they are perfect for outdoor training.

What kind of girls are you planning on?

The Daquïni woman is definitely a confident person who knows what she wants and works for it. She likes to travel, see new things, learn, live actively, ambitious, but in a positive sense. They also echo in my color choices: I personally love black, and it’s often hard to break away from it and think in terms of colors. What is coming out of the collection will be a more colorful version of the best so far, the so-called bestsellers, which will certainly be accompanied by other nuances – because there is a demand for it. The current collection will be blue and black.

More stars are sporting your clothes. Who are they and how did they find you?

Before the Emmy Awards, in the very first phase, when the idea came to my mind, I made a mini collection. Then it was time for me to go to a pre-Emmy show, where many stars were invited. There I met more celebrities than, say, Born Wives stars, including Felicity Huffman, but it was through relationships that my clothes got to others like Nicole Kidman.