ClassPass Fitness Studios and Yoga Classes

“Every Class with One Fitness Pass”

ClassPass ReviewAlthough Gyms, Yoga Studios and everything else associated with exercise has been around for the past 50 years, the last few decades have seen a revolution in not only equipment but in trends. This has created an explosion in locations around the country which offer a variety of ways to get in shape and improve your overall health.

Many people are looking to experiment with each type of fitness but are unwilling to pay the exorbitant “drop-in” fees these businesses charge. There are also those whose careers involve a lot of travelling across the country into other cities which makes a standard membership unworkable. If your hotel doesn’t provide a quality gym and you are looking for a place to work out, you might find “dropping-in” to be rather costly.

What is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a solution to those who are looking for variety in their membership as well as flexibility and options for where and when they can workout. What ClassPass has is an all-inclusive Membership with access to approximately 27,000 locations throughout 25 countries. A monthly fee provides access to all of these locations.

With its interactive and easy to use App, members can book classes at any fitness center associated with ClassPass. With a variety of monthly memberships, ClassPass offers not only flexibility but cost savings for those times when you are just “dropping-in”.

How does ClassPass Membership work?

As a Fitness Pass with a selection of membership options, each month you can select which Pass fits your budget as well as needs. ClassPass comes with 5 available memberships:

$9 per month 4 Credits 1 Class
$39 per month 21 Credits 5 Classes
$59 per month 33 Credits 9 Classes
$119 per month 72 Credits 20 Classes
$159 per month 100 Credits 28 Classes

These “Classes” are not your usual gyms and provide a range of options over the thousands of locations. Running, Cardio, Strength Training, Cycling, Boxing, Yoga and many others are available.

How can I Book ClassPass?

With its intuitive App for all of your mobile devices, ClassPass is only a tap away and can be booked in seconds. Download the App, sign-up for your monthly membership and start exploring the locations and workouts in your area. With your location settings on, all you need to do is to go to the app and see the locations and type of workouts available.

Classes are not the same in terms of how many credits it costs. For example, booking a few hours at the gym will be less than a Megaformer Pilates. Costs vary for each workout and depend on time, equipment, popularity and more. Although some classes are more than others, each one that you book will be a lot less than just showing up off the street and signing up for an individual session.

If for some reason you don’t use all of your credits in that month, you can easily roll over up to 10 credits to the next month without any penalty or hassle.

One Month Free Membership

Try it before you buy! ClassPass offers a one-month free membership for newcomers which provides a great way to see if this membership is right for you. Whether you have a month of travelling or you just want to check out a variety of gyms and workouts in your area, the free trial will benefit all newcomers. Sign-up and give it a try and see what ClassPass is all about and why so many people are cancelling their antiquated monthly gym memberships for a more flexible option.