Alo Yoga Sportswear – Tops and bottoms

Alo Yoga sportswear“We are relentless about making the best yoga clothing in the world explicitly to inspire yogis (and yogis to be) to have more yoga in their life”

There are few Yoga or Activewear brands that take their commitment to the betterment of the world than Alo Yoga. As the name Alo (Air, Land, Ocean) implies, this company is no fly by night do-gooder but a serious activist for all things global. But even with all its noble intentions, to be competitive Alo Yoga needs to offer a quality product that can stand the day to day abuse while retaining its style and utility. It’s just not enough that they have solar powered corporate offices and are concerned about sustainability.

How does Alo Yoga stand up against its Competitors?

Referred by some as “pretty” Alo Yoga does not stop at being environmentally conscious and does its utmost to be the usable brand for Yoga and Activewear. Alo Yoga wants to create the perfect street brand which can elevate your workouts as well as your daily activities.

Alo Yoga has a look and feel of its own and is a bit cutting edge when it comes to fit and style. The high waistband which is above the navel is not for everyone and can transform the way your body looks and feels. For some women its great, but for others it misses the mark. Another issue is that Alo pants/leggings run a bit long. Nothing to worry about but keep this in mind when you are wearing leggings with an overly high waist and a greater length. This could give you the look of someone who has borrowed some cloths from a much taller woman.

Ordering new activewear online from a company which you never purchased can be a fool’s errand. Its incredible how much Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes can differ throughout various product lines. Alo Yoga products run a bit larger than others, so if you’re looking for something a bit more form fitting, then it is recommended you go with a smaller size.

What is the Market Segment for Alo Yoga?

I’ll give you a hint, the segment is contained in the name of the company, and its not “Alo”. All activewear is not made for the same activities and although interchangeable there are certain characteristics which are required for Yoga related exercises.

Each category of product whether its leggings, sweatshirts, bras, tanks, shorts and other products, are all specifically designed and manufactured to provide the perfect fit for all your Yoga positions and activities. All one needs to do is to go onto the Alo Yoga site and view the images related to each product as well as the reviews from current and past customers.

“They’re buttery smooth and feel great on your legs, and they stretch very well”

“These leggings feel like a second skin, but one that’s so stretchy you could bend into a pretzel and you wouldn’t feel any pulling, digging, or resistance”

“I don’t know how Beyond Yoga managed to make these so comfortable and stretchy yet compressive at the same time”

Obviously Alo Yoga dominates with regards to form and function, and with someone describing them as a “second skin”, it seems the perfect complement to everything Yoga.

How Ethical is Alo Yoga and its products?

Its no longer easy to get away with slick and deceiving advertising/marketing in this day and age. Companies from Apple to Nike have come under the ire of activists who investigate their claims of being sustainable and ethical. Even if you don’t make any claims at all, these individuals will find any faults (for better or worse) in where you produce your products, what conditions and how much you pay your employees.

In short, Alo Yoga does walk the walk and can be depended on for protecting the environment and its workers. Alo is a sweatshop free workplace and retains a Platinum certification from WRAP (World Responsible Accredited Production) which is an organization promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing.

Final Verdict on Alo Yoga

Although on the higher end of the cost spectrum, Alo Yoga seems to have found its sweat spot for those looking for a quality Yoga product and one the goes above and beyond for sustainability and preserving the environment. With its interactive mobile app “Alomoves” you will always be connected to Alo Yoga no matter where you are and what you are doing. I would definitely keep an eye out for this brand as it continues its quest for the mind, body and spirit of its customers and the world.