Women’s activewear and sportswear

Women's activewear and sportswearWell its that time of year again when we do our best to reverse any progress that we’ve made in trying to get into shape. That beach body which we worked so hard to attain, has become a shadow of itself and has forfeited any chance of a quick return. Resigning ourselves to the fact that the next month will just be a total waste we are looking forward to 2020 and a new and improved self, with a body that can at least look half decent in anything black.

The next question is where to start out as far as clothing and what will work the best for our lifestyle and fitness regime. To say that there are some good options is a bit of an understatement. From Nike to Lululemon and everything else surrounding these brands, it’s a buyer’s market with some excellent deals to be had, especially before, during, and after the Holidays.

What is Activewear for Women?

For those of an earlier generation activewear consisted of a pair of grey cloth sweatpants and a loose-fitting t-shirt. It’s actually quite comfortable for lounging around the house on a Sunday or going outside to bring in the trash cans. But for the serious gym goer it didn’t have the ability to fit your form or deal with those crunches, squats, and hot Yoga classes.

The new generation which is the current line of activewear is leaps and bounds above those Sunday couch potato outfits. From the colors, styles, materials, and fit, this clothing, just by wearing it, will put you in the mood to get off your butt and jump on the treadmill or that ubiquitous Peloton® product which is advertised day and night, but I digress.

Activewear has become a fashion category in its own right and seems to be the most popular for Starbucks customers as well as those serious about getting into shape. But we are not here to give you fashion tips or tell you when and where you should wear your activewear. What we want to do is provide you with the facts of this huge and growing market as well as provide unbiased insight for those who are always looking for the new best thing.

What are some of the Activewear Brands that you should Check Out?

Now that of course is a loaded question which could not be answered without some details about the customer. But for the sake of brevity I’m confident I can offer some quick and good ideas for your tastes. Much of what you buy depends on your budget and tastes as well as the quality of the product.

Popular Activewear Brands

Lets first look at Lululemon® which in the past 5 years has become one of the top activewear brands for women. Go into any high-end mall with a Lululemon store and you will see why they are in such demand and why the stock price has seen a meteoric rise. Lulu has seen some hiccups, especially with their quality issue a few years back, but has rebounded with a wide ranging and diverse product line and branding itself as an “athleisure” company.

As with all great companies, Lulu has not rested on its laurels and has expanded into men’s active wear and casual clothing. It might take some time for the alpha male to wear something with a feminine name such as Lululemon, but if history is any indicator this will soon pass as Lulu becomes as recognized and respected as Nike®.

On any given day, the Lululemon store along with the Apple store will be the most crowded with throngs of customers lining up to spend their money. With a bit of a push and creative marketing campaign there is no doubt that there will be men included in those throngs of paying customers.

Speaking of Nike, this company is the largest retailer for women’s active wear, even topping Lululemon. Nike has become the default go to brand for anything relating to sportswear and activewear while retaining its quality and innovation. Some people have been turned off by some of Nike’s political “statements” and have looked elsewhere for alternatives to their products. There is plenty of competition and it would be ill-advised for Nike to believe that they will always be at the top of the heap.

One company that is challenging Nike’s supremacy is Under Armour® which has taken the industry by storm since its founding in 1996. Started as a sportwear company with mostly American football related clothing, Under Armour now sells everything from athletic shoes, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and uniforms for Football, Basketball and Soccer.

Under Armour is of course focusing on women, with their products being geared towards the athletic type of female consumer. Just from their website of women running and lifting weights, you understand the market the are catering to. Obviously not exclusive to this demographic, it makes some sense that Under Armour seems a bit more hardcore than other women’s active, especially since their founder was a former Special Teams Captain for the University of Maryland Football team.

Below the Radar Activewear for Women

Some of the best things come in small packages and in the activewear business, there are plenty of smallish boutique companies. One of these is the Hungarian based Daquini Activewear which prides itself on a more stylish and conservative based product. This brand is a more sophisticated take on activewear and would look great in the yoga studio as well as on any High Street in any city or town.

Another Hungarian based brand is KEO Fitness started by two sisters. With its high-quality Italian produced products, you will be guaranteed to look your best. A bit racier than Daquini, Lulu, or Under Armour, KEO is geared to women who have worked very hard for their bodies and have no issues about showing it off.

What is the best Woman’s Activewear Company?

The best company and best activewear products are those that make you feel comfortable, confident and can handle your workout regime. As with any product associated with form and function, it boils down to what suits your needs best.

We do not promote any particular product and want only to provide the most up to date advice and facts about what’s available. There are plenty of products to choose from and it is best to try and see what is right for you.